Biz smarter, not harder

It's hard running and managing a business, let alone running analysis on it! Here at Better Business we can do that for you. Create a better business now!

Save Time

Better Business is designed to assist you with increasing the profitability of your business. It's simple. Users will review your establishment. Then we'll analyze all the information. Finally, we'll send over the results so that you can start implementing our recommended suggestions to improve your business. It's that easy.


How It Works

We run an algorithm that will scour the net for your business on review sites. After the data is analyzed it will give the most commonly used phrases in your reviews so you can see what your customers want more of or less of.

Main Features

  • Shows commonly found phrases associated with your business.
  • Gives you statistic of the common phrases as they change over time with your business.
  • Bookmark and watch other business in your field and area to see what is happening!

We Run

  • Front End: Axios, Formik, React-Redux, React-Router-Rom, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Semantic-UI, Styled-Components, Yup
  • Back End: Node.js Framework/Express, SQLite3, Knex Libraries

Behind The Screens

Crawford Collins
Project Manager

Lily Su

Kevona Webb

Enrique Collado

Alfredo Quintana

Data Science

Anthony Piazza

Back End Development

Arvin Agas

Andrew Allen

Kemberly Eliscar

Obaida Albaroudi

Front End Development

Richany Nguon

Melissa Kemp

User Interface

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